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Inbound Marketing for B2B

Inbound Marketing for eCommerce

Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

Inbound Marketing for Healthcare

Inbound Marketing for Saas

Inbound Marketing

is the Logical Way Forward

Inbound Marketing is the dominant methodology adopted by marketers across all industries. It is a proven marketing technique that many businesses are turning to and is yielding tremendous results.

Let Prospects Find You

The core idea behind inbound marketing is that you let your prospects find you, and not the other way around. Traditional, outbound marketing methods, such as television commercials, cold-calling, email blast marketing can no longer draw a prospect’s attention the way they used to prior to the digital. In other words, you no longer have to throw darts at a board and hope to hit the bullseye. Here’s an in depth comparison between Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing.

With inbound marketing, your business is able to build valuable, long-lasting relationships with both prospects and existing customers, so that they willingly engage with you.

LetsMarket.it is an inbound marketing agency that helps you forge those relationships, strengthen and perpetuate them.

The LetsMarket.it Way

Since inbound marketing is becoming such a crucial facet for growing your online presence, you may be wondering what do we do as an inbound marketing agency? It is a question that gets asked a lot. Do we code and build websites? Do we write blogs and articles? Or do we simply do online marketing? These are all valid questions.

Clients hire us so we can develop a comprehensive inbound strategy that increases website visitors, the number of prospects, generate qualified leads, and ultimately, close more sales.

But we value your time; so, without further ado, here is what we do:

Inbound Marketing

Well, this is why your business is here. To find out how inbound marketing works, and how can we optimize the customer acquisition and retention process.

Keep in mind that the inbound methodology is based on a sales funnel: It is a step-by-step process that allows your business to gradually bring prospects to make a purchasing decision through a series of marketing measures.

As an inbound marketing agency, we are well-equipped to work in all things digital and we use every marketing weapon at our disposal; for instance:

Website Design

Your website is not only at the forefront of your brand image, it is the primary online gateway for customers to know about you.

As an inbound marketing agency, we design fully-responsive, SEO-friendly websites that function across all platformS. LetsMarket.it has the expertise and know-how to either build a website from scratch, or redesigning and updating your business’ website.

LetsMarket.it addresses the business goals that are behind your need for a website redesigning or a complete rebranding. 

After we understand what your objectives are, and what brand image you want to project to your target audience, we custom-design your website that takes these factors into consideration.


Communication and engagement are the lifeblood of inbound marketing. LetsMarket.it’s goal  is to publish high-quality blogs that educate the prospects and customers about how your products and/or services can effectively address their needs, and distribute them across several channels.

Social Media Engagement

The vast majority of your customers have at least one social media profile. LetsMarket.it implements comprehensive social media promotion strategies for your business to generate brand awareness


As an inbound marketing agency, we optimize the website’s content in a way that increases traffic towards your website and improves its ranking within search engines.

Landing Pages

If your business settles for a website redesign, LetsMarket.it  pays close attention to the landing page. Landing pages act as a follow-up to all the promises that you have made within your content library. Landing pages constitute the next step towards a visitor becoming either a lead or a paying customer. As an inbound marketing agency, we will design landing pages as such.

Email Campaigns

Blasting emails left and right hoping to lock in random customers is an exercise in futility. As an inbound marketing agency, LetsMarket.it will devise an email marketing campaign with the target audience in mind. In other words, we create email marketing content that is informational, as opposed to promotional.


Chatbots are considered to be the next step towards optimizing the customer experience. As an inbound marketing agency, we offer customer service solutions via the design and implementation of chatbots in order to constantly and consistently address customer queries in a more personalized manner.

Video Content

LetsMarket.it also offers video marketing solutions that are distributed across all digital channels, and further enhance the SEO-friendly content.

We create and streamline the inbound methodology that is aligned with your prospective customers’ behavioral habits, purchasing patterns, and most importantly, that addresses their pain points.

As an inbound marketing agency, LetsMarket.it efficiently drives prospects and qualified leads down the marketing funnel which eventually prompt them to make a purchasing decision in your favor.

The Results?

The benefits are abundant when your business decides to partner up with us: We take the marketing burden off of you and your sales team. You obtain a transparent, unbiased perspective on marketing ideas and strategies, which are normally tougher for an internal team to outline. As an inbound marketing agency, LetsMarket.it uses premium-level marketing tools to increase efficiency, productivity and performance of your business, and ultimately drive down the cost per sales.

Last but not least, we are an agency that provides a thorough, analytical reporting, whether it is on a weekly or a monthly basis to track the performance of the inbound strategy that was implemented.

All things considered, you can see that there is a strong, compelling case for hiring an inbound marketing agency that will handle the overall marketing strategy, and do the “dirty” work for you. 

We have only scratched the surface of what it is that we do as an inbound marketing agency. The details are available on our page, but at this point, we hope that we have inspired you to contact us.

In case you are encouraged, do not hesitate! LetsMarket.it would love to see what it can do for your business!

Inbound Marketing Funnel

Attract, Engage, Close and Delight are four stages that form the backbone of the whole inbound marketing journey. While it may be a lengthy process, the inbound strategy is built on this funnel and has served our clients well.

LetsMarket.it is an inbound marketing agency that will strategically guide your business through how to most effectively reach your target audiences, regardless of the industry that you operate in.

The inbound journey is all about creating a marketing strategy that is sustainable, scalable and repeatable, and we as an inbound marketing agency, will help you implement such a strategy.


The consumer at this stage of the journey is searching, learning, and trying to address a pain point. Establish your business as a trusted source of authority by producing meaningful, high-quality content using for example: blogs, eBooks, webinars, and other types of format that answer their early queries and draw them towards your business.

At this stage of the marketing funnel, you introduce yourself to prospects, and they take notice of you. A key component of the inbound methodology is trust. The main aim here is to EDUCATE, and not to make a sale. The more you educate your audience, the more they will gravitate towards your business.


Prospects at this stage have shown interest in your products or services. At this stage of the inbound marketing journey, your business has to stand out from the pack. The goal is to convert the target audience from mere prospects into leads by creating a connection.

At this stage, sharing case studies, whitepapers, and comparison guides that clearly outline your unique value proposition, helps build authority. 

Including  CTA (Call to Action) allows the reader to share information in exchange for accessing the in-depth content. And when the content  helps them address their queries, it becomes a natural way to offer extra resources and cement your perceived authority. CTAs are the most popular method which allows the right people to submit their contact details. 


At this stage of the journey, you have succeeded in attracting the right leads that may make a purchasing decision. You dialed down the sales pressure in the early stages of attracting and engaging, and now, it’s time to up the ante and make them choose you! 

They know who your business is and have established it as a trusted figure of authority, but they just need to learn how you can help them solve their problems concretely.

This is where leads may need free demos or live webinars to have their remaining queries answered, help them make a final decision, and show them why you’re the best company available for them.


At this stage of the inbound marketing journey, a congratulations is in order! The prospects are now paying customers and have chosen you as the solution to their problems! Fabulous! But does the journey end here? Absolutely not.

The fourth and final stage of the inbound marketing funnel is crucial to your ultimate success. The goal is to satisfy and delight your clients. That way, they turn into promoters of your business and the products and services you are selling. 

There are several ways to delight customers:

  • Solve their problems and help them reach their goals
  • Show your customers that you value and appreciate their loyalty by sending “thank you” messages or well-wishes during holiday seasons.